Our winter car service package to take the winter snow by surprise

 Preparing Your Vehicle For Wintecar service package to take the winter snow by surprise It is a big surprise when you expected ice rain only for the roads and driveways to be filled with snow. This is a nightmare many car owners in and around Langley BC had to deal with last year. It [...]

Spring Car Maintenance Tips Langley Auto Repair

Car Maintenance Tips Staying on top of vehicle maintenance should be a periodic thing, in and out of season. Each season presents a unique challenge to the proper function of your car, and none is tougher than winter. The freezing temperatures can inhibit much of a vehicle's functions, more so if the car fails [...]


Shocks and struts are important to maintain as they affect your vehicle’s stopping distance, tire wear, and steering control. The main purpose of shocks, struts, and even coil springs is to absorb the pressure when driving so you encounter a comfortable ride. Shocks dampen or eliminate spring oscillation (up and down movement) by using a [...]

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